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Medical Tourism

For our International Patients

"The Customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • Designed with the medical traveller in mind; Bengaluru has developed in infrastructure
  • We strive to meet the requirements of International patients and Returning NRI & NRO into the cosmopolitan slowly evolving melting pot.
  • Presence in South Bengaluru
  • Easy access by air to Kempagowda International Airport
  • Easy to reach us by Domestic travel; rail road & air
  • More super specialty consultants functioning at international best practice standards
  • Center of excellence for women and new born
  • We, envision superior healthcare; with warmth and healthcare for the demands of expecting mothers & Women from all walks of life.
  • Value added service starting from referrals,appointments,travel planning including visa services,airport transfers, accommodation ( hotels,serviced apartments,rooms, etc),interpreter services and concierge service. (Kindly note all services; are subject to availability.) Medical Interpreters to converse in (German, French, Mandarin, Japanese,Spanish & Malay)
  • Payment in foreign currencies is subject to approval. Valid traveller cheques and currencies in USD,GBP & Euros are welcome. Kindly inform us in advance.
  • History of more than 25 years experience in servicing patients who visit from overseas as-well as those whom are returning individuals from overseas. The center was designed as a center to meet international standards, post work.
  • Members of our team catering to your care have lived overseas absorbing the local beat in United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Singapore & Malaysia.

We offer our expertise, skilled medical & hospitality staff in an attempt to deliver the high quality and consistent services.

We understand the kind of stress international patients go through not only due to ailment but also due to travelling – We are committed to reduce the stress and pain of any medical procedure and help you manage your schedule to make you feel like home during your stay here. Hence, allowing one to establish a feeling of a home away from home.

E.P.M.C's Women's Clinic & Surgery is a healthcare destination for your medical needs in the field of Laparoscopic Surgeries, Obstetrics & Gynecology, we pride ourselves on Success and the care offered to be admired for its warmth and sincerity.

Exceptional Surgical Expertise: Endoscopic speciality, we proudly choose to proclaim that our laparoscopic surgeries, where maintaining an environment post-surgery infection as we using effective sterilization technology. This will ensure effective post surgery, assisting in recuperation for all our guests demand our care on demand.

We openly acknowledge the strength is our people. Our team make the laparoscopic surgeries a success. Our team and our dedicated round the clock staff ensure the best care possible is delivered. Most complicated cases of uterus. Smiling and bright faces of our patients tell the story. Read our success stories of patients whom had their infertility problems solved post Surgery. It is due to the dedicated team of surgeons our patients have succeeded in solving the problems of our guests that have plagued them at times for even over a decade.

Administration & Admission Concerns: Taking into consideration Patient Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Patient Centric Support based on HOPI standards; Extending our outreach efforts to International and NRI guests that choose to visit us, We intend to help by completing all underlying formalities for treatment in our center. We extend a warm welcome to guests intending to travel for surgery may it be minor or major.
  • An off-site International Patient Care officer, works with you during your entire stay for the treatment to avoid any communication lapses or gaps; the translator will take over in this situation if, there are foreign language requirements.
  • We provide a complete checklist for our guests to make their travel and stay in India and across India more comfortable, informed and enjoyable and keeping their stress level to minimum. Along with guides to travel urban Bengaluru, and link ups to visit urban and heritage sites; assisting you to explore ancient forms that bespeak a glorius past. Kindly note this is based on a link-ups with Local star hotels and agencies. Good safe reliable contacts; city guides will be available with us, to assist you post treatment. But it is of utmost importance the patient and guests have come for medical treatment and not sightseeing. Hence, the healthcare professionals and our team of surgeons will hold precedence over the right to advise time required for recuperation and recovery. Hence, assisting us to collaborate our treatment with your family physicians and continue medical care overseas.
  • Our billing process and our medical treatment packages are simple to understand and priced very competitively to provide good medical care for your discerning needs. ATM's for cash withdrawal are present beside the premises assisting in ad-hoc expenditure as and when required.

Travel Help Desk partners: contact for assistance. Note: travel services offered might be more expensive but will provide you with the utmost peace of mind pre & post operative care. The tour and travel agencies present will assist you in providing; the following. Kindly note, translators along with medical staff if, need-be required can be arranged.

Our team hopes to give you an experience in which you do not feel out of place & can enjoy a pleasant stay in India so as to ensure that you do not regret the choice of having the country. As medical tourism is in infancy, hence as the economy prospers, you get an opportunity to experience what we have to offer.

  • Airport Pickup and drop to your accommodation or hospital.
  • Providing Assistance in foreign currency exchange
  • Finding / upgrading / downgrading of assigned accommodation as per your needs and budget
  • Will coordinate travel to and from hospital to address medical appointments for you and as and when required by the family
  • Travel Arrangement within Bengaluru vicinity for shopping and site seeing.
  • Will help you and your family in relation to legal compliance with local authorities
  • Will guide you in Do’s and Don’t’s in Banglore– along with floor staff, to guide in understanding cultural jargons in the local vernacular.
  • Help you plan your travel in India allowing you to experience the weather, culture at its optimal best.
  • Help you on international travel if not planned already to find shortest non-stop and reasonable rates for your travel to and from India.

“Kindly note we intend to assist your stay; if you have already made arrangements, which may suit convenience due to factors such as Self-Drive, discounted hotel rates due to loyalty programs & discounted airfare. kindly inform us as sometime India offers some Jaw dropping deals every now and then. Kindly note we are constrained for resources and have to manage them effectively. Hence assist us to serve you better."